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I *heart* you!
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Welcome to I <3 an anime community clique...!

This is a livejournal community dedicated to that one special character for you! You know you have one... ( I <3 means I love ... so just imagine it like you are saying "I love *chara*" that should... help ^^;)

There are just a few rules and things you need to read before you join... so lets get started.

The Rules!

1. It must be an anime or j-rock/j-pop chara/person! (NO REAL PEOPLE @___@ Just Jrock or Jpop.....)
2. It must NOT already be taken on the list! Make sure you check.
3. One character per person unless I givith you another one. Or you deserve it!!
4. All you need to have in order to join is a journal. (obviously ¬¬)
5. No more switching characters. Ahh. X-x
6. Post the most commonly used title, or the one listed already, for the show your character belongs in. As well as the most commonly used NAME. I don't know all these shows so it gets confusing. ^^;

Also when making your claim, please word it like..


If you are claiming someone from an anime, just use...


And the complete opposite for J-pop, use "J-pop" and "person".

To Join!
¤ Become a member of this community :)
¤ Post ONCE in the journal for who you <3 ~ no e-mails... ( Name AND show...)

That is easy enough isn't it? ^_^ yep! of course it is... Please keep checking back as we will have special things for the members to participate in!

Mel - founder (chie)

Current List of Taken Characters Updated: Saturday, October 05, 2002.

No current contest.